“Marc has been a mainstay voice for us here at REELZ the past 3 years. He is easy to work with, coachable and always available.  He will make a superlative new voice wherever he lands. Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss our history together.”

David Zaccaria | VP Marketing & On-Air Promotion

“Having worked with Marc on a number of different projects ranging from music to comedy, he is absolutely delightful to work with thanks to his professional approach, creative range, and attention to detail. The fact he has one of the best voices in the business doesn’t hurt either!”

Jeff Boggs | Executive Producer
Matador Content | Los Angeles, California 

“Marc is fantastic voice over announcer who isn’t happy until the client is happy. I hired Marc earlier this year for a TV news campaign. Not only did Marc deliver exactly what we needed, it did in a truly professional, timely and very courteous manner – no ego here. Marc is sincere about getting the producer exactly what he/she needs and will re-cut until it’s just the way you want it.”

Pete Ferraro |  Promotions Director | Sinclair Broadcast Group
WBFF TV (FOX) | Baltimore, Maryland

“Marc is a true pro! He’s extremely easy to work with, has a great voice for video and is always available and timely. We hope to continue to work with Marc for many years to come!”

Connor Smith | Producer
Topgolf Media | San Francisco, California 

“Marc is a consummate professional with great pipes and a solid work ethic. His turnaround is always on time. I can ask him to cut loose knowing I’ll get a great creative piece in return.”

David Webb | Host of “The David Webb Show” & “Reality Check”
SiriusXM Satellite Radio & Fox News | New York, New York

“Double R Productions had a recurring project that we always had to find a new voice for every year. Our client has always been difficult with last minute changes, unpronounceable names and titles and a demand that the VO talent be available the day of their event for last minute changes to quickly re-record on the spot.  Marc Preston conquered this difficult job for Double R with no fuss, no muss, a great voice AND the client was happy. So are we.”

Rosemary Reed | President
Double R Productions | Washington, D.C. 

“Hello Marc, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your many efforts to support our Stations.  We really appreciate your patience with our constant need for high quality specialty reads.  We are always pivoting to take advantage of opportunities that come our way.  You do a great job keeping up with us (and putting up with us).  Your turn-around time and commitment to providing us with what we need is fantastic.  It is a very challenging world we work in and your skill set and professional manner make our job a LOT easier over here.  We thank you for that.  We would gladly recommend you to other stations.

Thanks for being who you are!”

Mark Hodorowski | Creative Services Director
KMPH/KFRE TV | Fresno, California 

“Marc has produced nothing less than perfect work that has always exceeded our expectations. We continue to work with Marc to this day. A true professional and highly recommended.”

Brent Lievsay | CEO
Vividminds, Inc | San Diego, California 

“Marc is the consummate professional. His work is always top-notch, on time, and on budget. I do not get to work with Marc as often as I would like, but when I do, it is always an honor to work with such great talent, and a true professional.”

Everett Bowes | Brandstory Director and Creative Director
Visual Creatives, Inc. | Palm Beach, Florida 

“Marc works to give us the exact read we are looking for. He has a wide range of voice styles from which to draw from. Whether we’re looking for “hard sell” or a “light” conversational read, Marc will deliver. Marc’s friendly, helpful manner makes for an easy woking relationship. I highly recommend his services.”

Mark Oliver |  Marketing & Promotions Manager
WAOW TV (ABC) | Wausau, Wisconsin 

“It was a pleasure working with Marc. His approach is very positive and he has a willingness to do whatever is needed to complete the task at hand.”

Christopher Leirer | Principal/Executive Producer
Loyal Productions, LLC | Denver, Colorado 

“Marc was our imaging voice when I was at WAFY /Frederick, MD. His ability to read and intuitively deliver the messaging in our station imaging helped to make the station leap out of the speakers. Marc is at the top of my list for future projects!”

Marc Richards | Operations Manager
Prettyman Broadcasting | Hagerstown, Maryland 

“I hired Marc to voice the Baseball Experience at at the Baseball of Hall of Fame. This immersive exhibit need a strong and powerful voice talent to complement the imagery and sensory experience of the show. Marc worked remotely and delivered clean production ready files on every deadline. I would highly recommend Marc to any one requiring a strong male voice talent”

Peter Raymond | President & Chief Innovator
The Human Condition, LLC | New York, New York

“Marc has been terrific. His attention to our product is of top priority and it shows, day in and day out.”

David Toma | Promotions Director
KCIT TV/KAMR TV | Amarillo, TX

“I worked many times with Marc in 2011 and he did a very professional job every time. I also love working with him because of his friendly, precise and flexible approach.”

Roberta Cerri | Head of Marketing & Sales
Mutado / Mutado Mobile (De Agostini Group) | Milan, Italy

“Marc is great!  Not only does he have a fantastic voice for our television promos, opens, etc…but he also is very friendly and helpful to work with.  Marc is always willing to do what it takes to get things to us quickly, and he’s constantly making sure that we are pleased with his work.  Like I said, Marc is great…and I would highly recommend him!”

Jeff Pitner | Promotions Director

“Marc is a consummate professional. His attention to detail and knowledge of his industry is evident when you start working with him. Throw in his personable nature and you soon realize that you’ve hired the complete package. One thing that stands out to me is that he was always acutely aware of the bigger picture, what we were trying to achieve from a brand perspective, so the ramp-up time is short. Positive, professional and very good at what he does with voice production. Would hire him again in a heart beat.”

James Ivaldi | Founder & CEO
Jivaldi, LLC | San Francisco, California

“I first met Marc when I chose to use his voice on my own marketing video. I’ve shown that video to hundreds of people and very often I get the comment, “who’s voice it that?” Since I do video production, sometimes that question turns into “I want that guy for my video.” That is why I have done business with Marc multiple times over the years. I highly recommend Marc both as an exceptional voice talent and a solid person to do business with. I continue to use him in productions for my own business, which is truly the best endorsement I could give.”

Joshua Aikens
Rocketmade | St. George, Utah

“Marc has a distinctive voice that adds to the value of the commercials we prepare for our clients. We value the opportnity to be able to work with someone with his exprience in our local market. He is a pleasure to work with, easlily accessible and provides on-time voice-over services at prices that fit into our budget.”

Diane Houy | Copywriter/Producer
WFMJ TV (NBC) | Youngstown, Ohio

“Marc is the consummate professional and remains at the top tier in his area of expertise and talent. His magical voice skills have been featured in several award winning interactive initiatives produced by driftlab and were crucial to their success and visibility. If you need someone who is highly versatile, dependable AND has soft features… Marc is your man.”

Scott Cook | Founder/Executive Creative Director
Driftlab, LLC | Atlanta, Georgia

“It was a pleasure to work with Marc, even in the challenging international setting and the time pressure. Thanks, Marc!”

Thomas Fischer | Producer
Munich, Germany 

“How do you know when you have heard the voice of GOD? When you hear Marc Preston speak! He has the voice that everyone hopes their born with, but sadly not. I have been a fan and admirer of Marc’s for years. He is on point with his voice over work and on air presentation is near flawless. If I someone could narrate the my life when they produce MY BEHIND THE MUSIC for VH1, I would hope it would be Marc Preston and that is the truth! I can’t recommend this guy enough, he trained me at 2 different radio stations and had the patience of Job.(bible reference). He is a TRUE professional in every sense of the word.”

Scott Gaines | Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality
Dial Global Radio Networks | Dallas, Texas